Monday, September 6, 2010

favorite kitchens & a fun accessory

I bought this necklace at a yard sale last spring for 50 cents.  I didn't like the emerald green ribbon running through the braiding, and I wasn't thrilled with the color of the ribbon leaves, so  I pulled the ribbon out and cut off the leaves.  When my daughter wore it yesterday, I clasped it on her and then wove a pretty green ribbon around the flowers and tied it in a bow on the side (see next photo) . 

What do you think?  I always try to see jewelry and accessories for what they can become with a little tweaking.  Look for the potential!  The next time you are at the thrift store or just looking through your own jewelry, try mixing up different chains with different pendants, or add a couple of charms to a necklace instead of just one.  There are so many fun transformations that you can create!      And now....

I would like to share photos of some of my favorite kitchens.  Unfortunately, I cannot give credit where credit is due, because I have had these photos for years.  You see, I am a clipper.  I always clip out favorite photos or ideas from magazines before I throw them away.  Then I stash them away for inspiration.  I asked some friends once at a book club meeting if they ever did that.  They said no and looked at me like I was crazy!!!  but there must be others out there who do the same thing.  Are you a clipper?  :) 

                                                               click on photos to enlarge







  1. you know i'm a clipper! I've got volumes of journals with house ideas and a big scrap book that i got from an auction for pennies that I'm currently stashing all my house ideas. it's fun to look bsck and be reminded of cool ideas that I couldn't do then but are now a real possibility!

  2. isn't it funny when you look at your clippings that there's definately a theme and style that starts to shine through. Great for those of us who have a hard time defining the decorating style we like. Plus if I took the time I could break down those pictures and figure out what accessories are making the room pop, because it's all about accessories

  3. What an awesome model! I loved the distressed island in the next to last photo...


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