Monday, November 8, 2010


Good Monday morning!   I hit a physical and emotional "speed bump" this weekend warning me to slow down!  I spent all day Saturday crafting for my local elementary school's "holiday shop".  (Early in December the kid's do their holiday shopping for parents, siblings, teachers etc. at school by purchasing local crafter's creations).  After a friend encouraged me to do it,  I decided that it sounded like a great opportunity.~and I'm glad she did.  But of course,  I run like crazy to get it all done quickly so I can check it off my "to do" list.  Add that to all of my other responsibilities and things can get pretty intense.  I needed a reminder to slow down!  I love the "speed bump" analogy that I learned about yesterday in this wonderful article here.  It helped me put my life back into perspective.

For those of you who haven't heard about Akiane, I wanted to share a little bit about this amazing young woman.

Akiane..."Child prodigy poet and painter"

The painting below is my favorite.  It was painted when Akiane was 11 years old.

About this painting Akiane wrote, 
"Right after my eleventh birthday I visualized my self portrait through the view of a canvas and through the eyes of the spirit.  I hoped to express the joy of co-creating, and the awe of feeling God's love and wisdom."

"I've been blessed with a gift from God, a gift I will use to help others."

She is fascinating.

For more information, visit Akiane's website here

Have a wonderful week, and watch for speed bumps! :)

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