Monday, March 21, 2011



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IMG_0934   IMG_0937
Happy Spring!  We woke up to snow this morning!  I had a busy weekend.  We took our church youth group to the temple in Manhattan on Saturday.  Thankfully Sunday is a day of rest!  I have also been busily painting some custom canvas art for a little girl's bedroom to go with her new Pottery Barn bedding, as well as making a scripture place mat purse in chocolate brown for another little girl. (photos soon).  If you ever need anything created at a reasonable price~ let me know!  As you can see, my Alexandria grace clothing line is in full swing.  This week I will be stocking my etsy shop with the outfits above!  Many of the tops and aprons are hand painted!  Several of the capris sets sold in local boutiques (of course at a much higher price)  Walmart is selling their Easter dresses for the same price that some of mine are!!!  Do you know any cute little girls that could use a one of a kind Easter/Spring dress?  I'd love help spreading the word!  :)



  1. i posted on facebook, too. everything is beautiful!

  2. Robyn everything is so cute!
    I wish I had a little girl!!

  3. Thank you SO much! I am so happy that you shared them on FB for me!!!


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