Friday, August 12, 2011

the easy way to teach your kids piano


Warning...if you are a concert pianist (or my 8th grade piano teacher), you probably will want to skip this post!

I took piano lessons for 7 or 8 years.  I didn't love it, but I'm glad that I can play~and I do enjoy sitting down now and then at the piano.  I know that there are great benefits to learning to play an instrument, so I do think it is important for my kids to learn to play.  I just want them to enjoy playing the piano.  I don't care if they have all the technical stuff down.  I don't want to fight with them to practice.  I want it to be somewhat enjoyable, and I want them to learn a thing or two.  I also want them to work at their own pace.

I have a hard time sending them for lessons when I know that I can teach them.  Yet, I am not that motivated to spend the time teaching them.  Therefore, I basically bribe them to teach themselves!  I sit down with them for a few minutes here and there when they are first beginning, and then I tell them to read the directions and check with me to make sure they understand.  After they have played a song 15 times, they can pick a piece of candy.  Then they are allowed to move on to the next song.  The candy is very motivating!  (I usually pick it up at the dollar store)  I try to buy mostly chocolate, so they don't have all the sticky, gooey stuff that is bad for their teeth.  The funny thing is, now when I add new treats to the treat basket, they immediately divide them up into their own piles to pick from!


  1. You're a genius, Robyn! I have been fighting a losing battle with Jaden all summer over practicing the piano...but it never occurred to me to bribe him with such an immediate reward. Thanks!

  2. I had a choice every evening - practice the piano or wash dishes. Guess which I chose?

  3. I love it! Of course I would choose piano over dishes also!


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