Wednesday, August 10, 2011

professional family photos

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...Thanks to mom!  This summer we had a family reunion at mom and dad's house in Montana.  Mom decided to have a professional photo taken of everyone.  Since we were there anyway, we used the opportunity to have pictures taken of our immediate family as well.  I've always wanted a nice family photo, but have never been willing to pay the price.  I'm so glad that we did though, because I know it will be a keepsake for our family and a reminder of this time in our lives.  (I must admit that Ryan is actually taller than me now...I was wearing my sandals that give me an extra inch or two!)

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I do believe it was a miracle that everyone was looking at the camera at the same time!  The kids cooperated so well, until we were leaving and grandma wanted just ONE good shot of she and dad with all the grandkids...


That was when the fun really began!


You gotta give them credit.  They sat through the BIG family photo, as well as each of their own family pictures!  And some of them had to change their outfits in between!

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