Saturday, November 19, 2011

~decorating the kids' table~

thanksgiving 005
All right, my sister in law has done it again!  (She searched the web for the cutest Thanksgiving table decorations, and found out how to make this paper bag turkey centerpiece for the "kids table".  She made it, and then kindly decorated her table in advance so that I could have pictures of what she is going to do so that I could share them with all of you.  Isn't she great?  And isn't this turkey hilarious?  I love it!!!  

Before she took the photos, I did my own search for "paper bag turkeys" (so I could understand what she was talking about over the phone). To my surprise, I found that the paper bag turkey has been flying all over pinterest!  She stuffed hers with newspaper, but many of them were stuffed with popcorn.

Here is how she made hers...

" I stuffed it with newspaper, put my hand in the bag and pinched in the corners. I twisted the ends on the small lunch bags and taped them. To close the big bag, I pleated the sides until the tip was as small as I wanted, then folded it under and taped it. Hot glue the small bags on the big bag, and then scrunch and shape it how you want it. One piece of white paper folded in half cut. Fold in half again and cut. Fold strips in half and cut thin strips, leaving a little bit uncut, and wrap around the legs and glue. Fluff."

thanksgiving 001

Did you notice what else she'll be decorating the table with?  Yellow and white polka dot napkins, and bottled soda with orange and white striped straws!  So cute.  And the flower arrangement?  She just made a bunch of those for a church function.  Everyone was amazed that they weren't real.  (they're silk!) She picked up the flowers at Walmart and Michaels, and then arranged them herself in Mason jars.  She amazes me...She has such a keen eye for beauty and details...totally inspiring!


  1. Awesome!!! I was in charge of making the paper bag popcorn turkey for Noah's Thanksgiving Feast at Kindergarten. They are SO adorable :)

  2. This would be PERFECT for a Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast Ali! Too fun!

  3. I made this for my kids table this year - so cute!! Just found you and have been poking around and loving what I see. You said you are an hour from Hoboken - I live in North Jersey! Following along .


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