Monday, January 16, 2012

The best inspiration for making your house a home!

The creative juices are flowing thanks to the best selling author Sarah Susanka.  I heard about her award winning home design concepts years ago, but only recently picked up the book at the library.  I wish I would have read it sooner!!!  I love the whole concept of making a house a home for today's lifestyle, and getting rid of unused space.  Two story foyers are wasted space and just not cozy.  Sarah gives ideas on how to spend your money more wisely to create your dream home!  I also checked out her DVD from the library called "The not so big house home by design".  And...if you check this link out at Amazon,  you will see she has written a whole slew of great books!


  1. Hi Robyn! I saw this book featured (I think in Des. News??) and it was so intriguing to me~I'm going to check it out at the library now :) Thanks for your review!

    1. Melissa, I did see the book featured in Deseret News and it reminded me that I still hadn't read it. I hope you like it! She has lots more books and at least one DVD~hopefully your library has some of her others if you are interested. You'll have to let me know what you think!

  2. I love her books! Thank you for reminding me that I need to go to the library tomorrow and check them out again. We're building an addition in the spring...I'm still tweeking plans...but it's nothing huge but it will be just enough for our growing family. Her ideas have influenced that mentality and it's not hurting our budget either :)

  3. becca,
    I so want to see and hear about your addition! Glad you already knew about the books!


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