Thursday, May 31, 2012

The neighbors wud think id gone crzy


But I had to try it out.  You see, a couple of years ago, I found a little, tiny, raspberry, plant in a shady spot in my yard.  After researching raspberries and learning that they need a lot of sun, I dug up the little guy and moved him over to a sun drenched area by my apple trees to see if he would flourish.  And look what happened!  Boy, did he grow!


Then, last last year, I realized I had a little problem on my hands.  Birds like raspberries.  This year, I'm determined NOT to let those birds get my beautiful berries.  So, while I was making dinner the other night, I asked my son to do a quick google search on (non chemical) ways to deter birds from raspberries.

This is what he said...Punch holes in pie tins and string them across the raspberries.  Birds don't like shiny things.

(Don't you like this picture?!  I never thought hole punching would be so therapeutic!


They came from the Dollar Tree.  I bought 2 packs of them.


While I was there, I picked up this 70 foot clothesline.  (I think its cute.  It reminds me of big bakers twine.  Hey, that gives me some ideas!)


I simply strung and hung.  I even used the lids.  And they go right on by the blueberry bush that is suffering too.  (Look at the little blueberries starting to ripen!)


And here are my babies.  I am hoping to make lots of raspberry jam...


My son did add one thing.  He mentioned that it will only work if the birds aren't REALLY hungry!
Please birds...go feast somewhere else.



  1. Your berries are looking great! Ours are coming along too and every year just before the first berries get ripe, we put a berry net over it so the birds can't get them. I keep my berries every time, and I make sure it's secured around the whole plant because birds can get under. It's not a $2 solution but with the raspberry lovers in my family, this is an investment. After the season is over, just untangle the net very carefully from your berries and roll on a smooth stick and put in a trash bag for next year. Ours is going on it's third year.

  2. Hi Becca! The net is probably the best way to go, but we are not very good with it! We covered our blueberries with it and it was such a pain to pick the berries. Also, it kept getting tangled and was hard to get off. Maybe I have the wrong kind of netting or we are impatient with it! I tried covering my strawberries with the netting also, and it caught on branches that my kids were hauling away. I got so frustrated after having to fix it so many times! My raspberries are everywhere, so I'm guessing it would be hard to completely cover them. However, I've never done the pie tin thing before-so we'll see what happens. I might have to revert back to the nets!


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