Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Painting on Canvas from a T Shirt


I was commissioned recently to do a painting for a college student.  She found a t shirt that she liked from Old Navy and wanted it reproduced on canvas...


I picked up a 16"x 16" canvas from Hobby Lobby, lightly penciled the design, and then painted it with acrylic craft paints.  I love using these paints for projects because often you don't have to mix your own colors.  I had a pink that was relatively close for the cheeks, and only had to mix a little bit of a different pink plus white to get the color exact.  I painted the canvas background a light gray and let it dry before I penciled the design.


Usually, you don't ever want to paint black straight out of the bottle.  It is just too stark.  So, I mixed the black with a little bit of white to make it more charcoal than black.  I use paper plates as pallets, and I  cover them with plastic when I have to take a break!  It is best to coat the paper plate with a thin layer of paint and let it dry before using it as a pallet.  Otherwise, the paint soaks into the plate.


Once the face was done, I started on the hair and pearls.  Who would have thought to reproduce an image from a t shirt onto canvas?  With her permission, I did modify it some.  It was a fun project.


I have good news!  My DIY Halloween Headstones were recently featured on TLC's network!  To view the link and see more of their Halloween craft ideas, click here.


  1. Oh my, this is great! I love it, Robyn!
    Wonderful job


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