Tuesday, February 26, 2013

my miracle bunny


I'm going to be honest here.  I have been doing some pretty deep soul searching over
the last several months.  I've learned a lot about myself and about life.  I am still learning
and know that my Heavenly Father has much more for me yet to learn.  I think that when
the timing is right, I will share some things with you that have made such a difference on
my perspective of this life.  For now, I want to share the recent experience I had with what
I now call my "miracle bunny".

As I was getting ready to list some spring goodies in my shop, I ran across this glass rabbit
candy/nut dish.  I took lots of photos of him to prepare for his debut.  Then, I stuck him in a
box with other things and carried him down to my studio.  I remember thinking, "the bottom
of this box is not very sturdy.  I'll have to remember that when I pick it back up again."

The time came to pick the box back up again, and forgetting to follow my earlier reminder,
the contents spilled out the bottom.  The little bunny went crashing to the floor and broke in
several pieces.  Sadly, I picked up the glass pieces and threw them in the trash can.

Then, a few days later,  I went searching for some other spring decorations on a shelf in my
basement.  Imagine my astonishment when my little bunny was sitting on the shelf completely
whole!  Not one piece broken!  Over and over again I went through my mind how this could
have happened.  Could I have bought two bunnies?  No, because I didn't even pick him up
at a retail store.  And it is not like me to ever get two of anything unless it is a favorite pair of
shoes or jeans or something that I know I will want to have an extra pair of.

I sat there amazed.  There he was.  Perfectly put back together.  And then, I realized that my
Heavenly Father was teaching me an important lesson.  Jesus Christ can take our brokenness
and make us whole again.  He can heal us if we go to Him and have faith.  He loves us.  He
knows that in our lives we will experience hardships and pain for very specific reasons and
growth. The greatest miracle is that these experiences can draw us to Him.  The great physician.
He is the only one that can fully heal us by the miracle of His atonement and resurrection.  The
healing will come in His time, and in His way.  But we can be assured that He can heal us fully
and completely...


He can make us whole again.  For now my miracle bunny sits on the shelf as a
reminder of this divine truth, and gives me hope and courage.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I feel like my Heavenly Father has helped me do some serious soul searching too!!

  2. Oh my!!! What a reminder, Robyn.


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