Friday, March 22, 2013

you are my sunshine linen sign


Yesterday I showed you my spring vignette...(again, the lighting is so bright that the picture doesn't do it justice!)  I had such fun making this decorative sign.   The frame was gold before I spray painted it turquoise.  I have had the frame FORever, and just couldn't get rid of it!

I took out the glass, spray painted it, and then created my little sign while it was drying.  Guess where
the linen fabric came from...(hint: not the fabric store...I found it in my closet!)  I found an old linen dress that I never wore, and decided it was time to either put it to better use, or throw it away.  I cut a rectangular piece from it the size of the glass, and then transferred the writing to the fabric using this method.

Surprisingly, it didn't really take that long to paint, as the letters were little.  But, the fabric obviously isn't as smooth as painting on wood, so it was a little bit trickier.


I used wood glue to affix it to the frame backing and hard board.  I had to cover the entire board with a smooth coat of paint, and wait until it was tacky before aligning and gently pressing the fabric to it.  If the glue is too wet, it will seep through the fabric, and it is very hard to wash out unless you get to it immediately.


I let it dry for several hours, and then stuck it in the frame.  :)

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