Saturday, April 6, 2013

pencil drawings~ birds nest


I've been getting back to the basics with my art lately... taking a slight detour from painting,
to get back into simple pencil drawings. Did you see my farm pig drawing in my etsy shop? I also
sold this similar set.

Recently I drew this bird's nest on vintage scrapbook paper, and framed it in a distressed turquoise frame.
(I listed it in my etsy shop, but it was quickly snatched up by my sister in law!)  I really like it, and have
plans to make more.

There is something so beautiful and simple about pencil drawings.  I have some other ideas in mind, and will share
when they come to fruition!




  1. Beautiful! Still kicking myself that I missed out on your ranunculus painting.

  2. I think I need one of these! Love it
    I hope you are working on bunnies also via our trip to the furniture store.

  3. Oh yes, yes, yes. I love pencil drawings. I'd love to see more in your shop so I can snatch some up. For a non-artist like me there is nothing simple about your nest drawing! it's gorgeous.


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