Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Little Treasures from IKEA

I think I feel it coming... spring has got to be here really soon!  I guess it's official on Thursday, but I won't be counting my chickens that it will be warm by then!  I just know the snow is melting, the temperatures are beginning to climb, and because of the time change, the evenings are so light now.  

I've put out my spring decorations in anticipation.  The blue platter above is a thrift store find.  It was just regular old metal, and I spray painted it.  When the spray paint dried, I hand painted a silhouette of a little birds nest and eggs in white...just like on my spring sign.

I went with some friends to Ikea and found these faux, potted, baby daisies.  I can't remember the official name of them, but I love them.  I planted some in my garden a few years ago.  They were supposed to be perennial, but sadly they didn't come back...

I picked up the tin pot to put them in as well.  And, I found another plant there that I just love, but I can't seem to locate the picture!  I will share when I find it.  Yikes, the table is dusty.  I'm not so good at dusting!  And of course I put out my little salt and pepper chicks...another fun yard sale find.  :)  BTW, I'm getting excited for yard sales... It's almost that time of year!

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