Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No more school pictures please!!!

I just can't bring myself to purchase school pictures of my kids! (okay, well I have a couple of times).  I never like the choice of backgrounds and the lighting that they offer.  So, I'd like to show you one easy way to take beautiful, inexpensive photos of your own kids, even if you don't have a fancy camera.

The key is natural window light.  It's easy.  Figure out which windows in your  house face north. Have your child stand (or sit) closely to the window and look out of it.  Shut off the flash, then snap away.  The coloring will always be flattering-as long as there is enough light.  Then if you have picasa or some other photo editing software, play around with soft focus and cropping until you get the look you want.  Here are some photos that I have taken next to my glass doors and edited...

You might even try black and white or sepia.  The skin tones will still look just as nice.

Best of all, it only costs pennies.  Or at least a lot less than school photos. (I still get the class pictures though)


  1. You're kids are growing up and so beautiful! Did i mention you're beautiful too?

  2. How beautiful they are! Ryan didn't want his picture taken? Hee, heeeee...

  3. I wonder how this will look with the baby? Also, you don't offer a lazer light background like old school class pictures! YUCKA!

    Your kids are growing up too quickly. I have a spare set of encyclopedias we can strap to there heads, if you'd like!

  4. Joy, actually the first time I did this was when my son was a baby. It works great!!!


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