Monday, August 30, 2010

Here's an idea

Think of your favorite word or your family's last name or something else creative (maybe just simply the word "Family") and frame each letter individually for a unique wall display.  I chose Le Jardin which is French for "the garden" and put it on the wall of my sun room.  First I bought eight 3-1/2" x 5" picture frames that

click to enlarge

were on clearance at a grocery store a while ago.   They were gold so I took the glass out and 

spray painted them black.  (You may be able to find something similar at the dollar store)

Then I played around with fonts until I found one I liked and printed each letter as large as I was able to.  If you have a scanner,  play around with it until the capital or tall letters are no more than 3" tall and the lower case about 1".  (or ask the copy center people to do it for you and have it printed on white card stock)

After each letter is printed separately (1 or 2 to a page),  and the glass has been taken out of each frame,
Lay the glass vertically one at a time while centering it over each letter.  With a pencil, lightly trace around the glass and then cut the letter out.  Put the glass back in, then the letter, and then the backing. 

Then use a yardstick to draw a pencil line on the wall (draw all along the edge of the yardstick) to dictate how high you want the series of frames to be.  Measure each frame from the top of  the frame to the top of the picture hook on the back of the frame.  This will tell you the distance down from the pencil line that you will need to hammer your nail.  Line them up, put in your nails (or however you choose to hang them-maybe a removable wall adhesive would work too) and hang up your saying. :)


  1. Awesome! You know, I have one of those machines that cuts vinyl and you could put the letter right on the glass and have the wall color showing through.

    I'm getting lots of good ideas from your blog. Thanks for the card!

  2. Very cool Robyn! I'm so glad you got your blog going. It will be great to get some inspiration for post-remodeling. Will that day ever be here???

    - Anissa

  3. Thanks for the tutorial, Robyn. Your little framed letters look terrific where you've placed them.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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