Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I love the look of bittersweet in fall decor.  Since I don't have any growing at my house, I decided to hunt down a silk version.  I went to hobby lobby and found this...

It doesn't say what it is on the tag, but it looks like bittersweet to me, and since it was 50% off, I snatched it up.  It was in the floral department- not the seasonal section of my store.  If or when you decide to do this project, I would recommend calling ahead or looking online to make sure floral is 50% off that week unless you don't mind paying full price.  It seems like it is always 50% off when I'm there.
It was $9.99 so I got it for five dollars. 

click to enlarge

I got out my pliers and cut each stem off individually at it's base (right where they connect to the big stem).
Since they are kind of hard to cut through, I always clamp down on the stem with the pliers as hard as I can.  Then I remove the pliers and twist the stem back and forth on the cut line a few times until it snaps off.

Next, I took one of the stems outside with me and cut about five branches from my tree the same length.  Then I put them in a mason jar and bent and arranged them together so thy looked natural.  The bittersweet is bendy. :)

I could't decide where to photograph them! 

Happy Fall!


  1. love your blog!!! i love fall it's my favorite time of the year! I am for sure going to do this project! have your ever tried the Rosemary trees in distresses pots? I've been trying to find something that is close to or is it! I'd ya find some at hl could ya let me know so I can make a rub to it and get it too hehe. Have you tried doing the ages distresses pots like the ones you got for three bucks? I would love to see what you come up with! email me and lemme know what ya think gypsymermaidshoppe at yahoo

    big hugs!
    later gator- sarah

  2. I love it in the mason jar. Just might have to copy you :)

  3. yes beautiful - you expanded the look so much more...more dense display - more woodsy - more cozy - more lovely.


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