Thursday, September 16, 2010

Favorite Window Displays

Lets go shopping!!!  First off, I love this little downtown shop.  I've actually sold several of my creations here (more on that in a future post).  I just love looking in the windows.  Window displays inspire me!

click photos to enlarge

I love these doors and the architecture of the building.  The owner Maureen always has cute wreaths on the doors hung by her signature ribbon which is red with white polka dots.  You can get the same ribbon at walmart.  Maureen always greets me wearing her funky chunky big red eye glasses.  Only she can pull it off.! Sometime I will take you inside.  It's stuffed with handbags, jewelry, aprons, children's gifts and lots more. 

Window shopping takes on a whole new meaning with these anthropologie window displays (photos by,, and

I love the tablecloth and red iron chairs, and I love that store!!!

If you are ever in historic Savannah Georgia, you'll have to go to the Paris Market.  My sister in law had a hard time pulling me out of there!  It has lots of old and new stuff and the architecture is amazing.  It's very old and rustic.  It's packed with antiques, soaps, home decorations and more.

This is the coffee bar within the store.  The counter is lined with all sorts of glass jars filled with candy.

Tomorrow I can't wait to show you some yard sale finds from last week!


  1. I cannot get over how amazingly artistic and creative you are and all you can do. Wow!

  2. I love it when you can enlarge a great pic! Loving the pics.


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