Friday, September 10, 2010

Shower Signs & a Fantastic Deal!

It's proven!  Kids will memorize text that you put in front of them if there are no distractions!  And when are they not distracted?  In the shower!  I post poems and scriptures in the shower, and my kids come out reciting what they read!  One day, my 7 year old told me the previous four Shel Silverstein poems that I had posted!  I think I might start posting their spelling words!   I only post when I feel like it.  Sometimes that is once a week, other times it's once a month or more.  But it is a great tool if they have something they need to memorize.  If you don't have children living at home anymore, try posting a quote for yourself, a favorite scripture, or a note to your spouse!    Here is how to make your own...

You will need clear plastic page protectors, a permanent black marker, and two suction cups.  If you can't find suction cups, go to the dollar tree store like I did and buy a $1 soap holder.

Remove the packaging, and take the suction cups out.

1.Cut the outside two holes of the plastic sheet protector a little bit bigger to squeeze the suction cups through.


2.  Write the spelling words, poem, scripture, or special message in permanent marker

3. Thread the suction cups through and stick in the shower at eye level (try to avoid the shower stream)

Also, you must check out Melissa's post from yesterday (9-8-2010) about an awesome deal!  The deal is for 3 months of free PRIORITY (2 day) shipping on just about anything you order from Amazon!  I know that holiday shipping fees can add up fast, and just for signing up for Amazon Mom you will get free shipping for your holiday/birthday shopping!   You will need to act fast!  Go to 320 Sycamore for the details. will love Melissa's blog!


  1. What a great idea! I am going to try this...

  2. This is BRILLIANT!

    Thank you for sharing and for all of the other wonderful and inspiring projects that you have posted.

    I am now an avid follower.

    x Felicity


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