Friday, October 15, 2010

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I found a book at the library called Halloween Tricks and Treats by Matthew Mead.  It's filled with great ideas, and he even freely shares his Halloween templates here  (including the one above).   My mind is swarming with great ideas.  I know you will be inspired as well!

Yesterday I  found a very fun email awaiting me from Germany!  Kathrin from
Nachtwerk created her own spin on the Halloween silhouettes I made.  I just love what she did!
She wrote,
"Hi Robyn,what an awesome project!! Totally enjoyed doing it, as an altered version, with and 'aged newspaper background'. I was in lack of such an awesome frame that you added so I had to thinkup something to make it 'special'. I put some pics and GERMAN description on my blog.Maybe you want to take a look! If I get a chance and the baby sleeps a bit better any night soon, I'm going to add an English translation;-)Here we go, enjoy! Waving at you,Jule in Germany"

She gives a tutorial on how she made them here.  I only know a little bit of German, but her pictures were so fantastic that I could follow her step by step just by looking at her photos.  She didn't have frames so she used canvas.  I love how she tea stained the newspaper for the background!  Hmmm~that's got me thinking~"What projects could I make with tea stained newspaper?"  Sometimes the best projects come from using things we already have at home.  So stop on over and check out her tutorial~ Thanks for sharing Kathrin! 

Its so fun to be inspired by everyone's creative projects!   I am finishing up the final touches on my craft to be featured by Kari at ucreate on October 22!  I'll keep you posted~ you won't want to miss it! ;) 

Happy Friday!
p.s. linking to This Blessed Nest today and Tatertots and Jello

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  1. So Robyn, I was reading this girl's blog and found an icon at the top of the page, right under my browser bar area (I use Google Chrome) saying "This page is in German. Would you like to translate it?" to which I enthusiastically said, "Heck yes!" and it translated the WHOLE PAGE into English for me, just like that! Woohoo for technology, and woohoo for your amazing blog!!!


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