Saturday, October 30, 2010

easy fall decorating idea & my giveaway

I went to my backyard and snipped a bunch of branches with beautiful leaves to bring inside.  I found an old yard sale basket, lined it with burlap, and stuck water filled vases inside.  Then I cut the lower leaves off the bottom half of the branches and stuck them in the vases.

It was so much fun, it took me awhile to realize that  I was actually pruning my trees at the same time! :)

For those of you who expressed interest in the pear photograph (below), you have my permission to print and frame it.~thank you, I'm flattered!  Just right click on the image, save it, and upload it to wherever you have your prints made. (or save it to your flashdrive to take into the photo lab to have it printed).  I just tried it through  It came out a little too dark for my liking, so I lightened the original for you.   I had an 8x10 made there for just a few dollars, stuck it in a yard sale frame that I painted white and roughed up with a screwdriver, and hung it up on the wall.


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