Friday, October 29, 2010

snow "queen"

We bought this "snow princess" costume last year on clearance at Target to save until Halloween this year. My daughter really liked it, and I felt so good knowing that I wouldn't have to worry about a costume for Halloween this year. (The boys are old enough to not need costumes or care.)  Then, about a week ago, the announcement came...

"Mom, princesses are more for little girls~I don't want to tell my friends I'm a snow princess."        
"Okay," I said in my most panicked excited voice while scanning my brain for something that would work...
"So...why don't we call you a snow Queen instead?"
"Oh yeah!"
Fortunately she was good with it~but I knew I had to switch things up a bit with the costume.

The next day I stopped in at the dollar store to find some inspiration.  I decided she should look more wintery than princessy.  So I found this glittered, potted, silver poinsettia which normally I would pass right on by.  But it was sparkly, perfect I thought for a snow queen.  I snipped off the poinsettia heads and saved the leaves.

I found this soft garland there that I thought I could cut and twist into a wreath for her head.

I hot glued the poinsettia and leaves onto the wreath, then added the other one to the belt.  So for $2 extra dollars, the snow princess will now be the snow "queen".

Happy Halloween!  The parties begin here today, are your costumes all ready?


  1. And she was a beautiful Snow Queen :)

  2. Jackson had been planning on being a zombie for halloween for at least two months. He wouldn't even let me cut his hair so that it would be long and we could spike it up "zombie-like". Well, 45 minutes before the Trunk or Treat he announces that he wants to be a GHOST! What? I didn't even have an old sheet to cut up! Luckily I had a "cool" Anakin costume in my stash that I had bought on clearance (90 percent off)at Target last year. Phew! I even ended up trimming his hair so he could fix his hair like Anakin! Crazy boy!


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