Saturday, October 2, 2010

masking mona lisa

I picked up Mona Lisa at the thrift store this summer for $2.  I think she adds a bit of whimsy to my decor.  She's great except for the fact that she scares the kids and their friends whenever they walk past her.  My daughter is just sure that her eyes are watching you as you pass her by.

I decided to give her a mask for Halloween.  I put tracing paper over her face and drew a mask around her eyes.  If you don't have tracing paper, white gift wrap tissue should work just as well.  Next,

I cut  the mask out,

Put it on a scrap piece of black cardstock,

traced around it,

Put a piece of handi tak on the back, and stuck it on Mona.

...Now she's all ready to party.  Do you have any paintings that you could mask for Halloween?


  1. I saw a cute idea in a coffee shop- they had a grouping of Mona Lisa prints, all shapes and sizes. It was a touch of whimsy, and had more impact than just one by itself.

    Love the mask!

  2. ha! I think I might mask the family portrait. So creative!

  3. That is the funniest thing! lol
    Great idea too.

  4. That's hilarious!! Perfect disguise for that eerie smile!
    I've considered giving my family photos mustaches!
    Visiting from Tatertots and Jello Weekend Wrap-Up Party


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