Friday, October 1, 2010

Oversized Fall Wreath from Garland

Do you like this big wreath on my door?  I like BIG substantial wreaths that make BIG statements.  Like this one that really makes a statement that fall is here!  Here is how I made it.

 I think it's hard to find big wreaths.  This one is actually made from two garlands.  I bought them awhile ago from Hobby Lobby.  I set them both down on the table and arched them to form a circle. (overlapping the ends a bit)  Then I twisted the ends together where they meet on the two sides, and secured them with a little wire.  I tied a bow with black white/ polka dot grograin ribbon to the top and wove the ends into the sides of the wreath. 

I noticed this one recently at Hobby Lobby (the garland on the right side of photo) and it is 50% off.  Still more than I spent on mine.  If I were to do it again, I would wait till they are 75% off.  But then, of course, you run the risk that they will be out of them by then.  I really like the touches of bright green in this garland.

I'm still waiting for the leaves to start turning red here~ I LOVE the red and orange the best.  I hope they put on a good show this year!  Happy Fall Decorating~


  1. Oh! I bought 2 fall garlands 2 years ago during the after holiday fall clearance. They've been sitting in my bins waiting for me to figure something out with them! Thank you for the idea. Yours is beautiful!!

  2. Wow! I was thinking "her wreath made from garland is SOOO much prettier than mine." Ok, anything would be prettier than JUST leaves, but this is gorgeous. Another winner, Robyn. I just love your style and the way you can throw a good grosgrain in there. Happy Fall!


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