Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Princeton continued...window shopping

This is Jane's consignment store.  It has a little bit of everything.~jewelry, clothing, shoes, antiques.  A fun stop.  I didn't buy anything, but it was fun to look around.  

(click photos to enlarge)

This little local shop called Lisa Jones has a natural fall garden theme with glittered leaves in the window, pheasant feather wreaths, birds nests, and green wooden beaded apples (I might make some~if I do, I'll show you how).  The color scheme was cream, black, and green~my favorite color combination!

I might make some of these glittered leaves also.  If I do, I'll show you how.  I'd probably take silk leaves from the dollar store or around my house, paint them with glue, and sprinkle silver or gold glitter on them.  Then I'd hang them with tan ribbon.  The dollar tree also has huge leaves that might be fun to use also.  They would look pretty hung in the window, on a lampshade, a furniture knob, or over the back of a dining room chair.

Obviously Pottery Barn kids is not a unique local shop, but I stopped in and got some more great ideas!  I love the Halloween window display.  They sell the black cat and other silhouettes that you can stick in your window like they have done here.  They were pretty inexpensive.

These placemats and melamine plates were my favorite!  How easy would it be to make your own similar version of placemats?  Just find a vintage Halloween image online to enlarge, print, and laminate (or cover in contact paper).   Remember the Matthew Mead images I told you about?  I got some great Thanksgiving ideas there also.  I'll let you know about those soon.

Of course I had to stop in at Anthropologie, but nothing blew me away this trip!

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