Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Simon and Tad

"At the end of a winding lane sits a rather queer little cottage.  A little too tall and lopsided,
it stands proudly touting its costume of river rock stucco and moss with its crown of three half chimneys.
The cottage seems to be hiding amongst the trees, but if you are lucky enough to catch a can almost see it smiling back as if to welcome you in."
Let me introduce you to my THRIFT Store Finds!

This is Tad Garish. 

According to his creator, Lib Cummings- Mead, "Tad was so excited to leave for his Halloween rounds that he forgot to take off his pajamas.  Thanks to his kitty slippers, all he had to do was to put on his mask."

Next is Simon Baker.  Watch out~he's pretty scary.

Lib says, "Simon Baker tries to look scary at Halloween.  He follows the young children to keep them safe from any undesirables that may come their way.  To him, all the candy is just an added bonus."

I think these guys are cute.  I bought them for $10 each at the thrift store last year.  Each was brand new in his original box complete with tags and "magic imagination confetti".  They were distributed by Larkspur Lane by Silvestri.  All that I could find out about them online was that they cost around $35 each, and are now retired.  I'm sure they could be found on ebay though!  Do you have your costumes ready?


  1. Robyn, Thanks for stopping by Three Pixie Lane! I am your newest follower! I will enjoy looking back through your posts...some great ones so far! Thanks so much! Christie

  2. Ooh! I think I might make a costume like Tad's! It's too cute.


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