Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Think of the possibilities!

My friend Kathy recently gave me this vintage lace table doily.  You know, the kind you might see on your grandmother's coffee table.   

She said, "I'm sure that you will think of something to make with this." 
The first thought that came to me was, "A cool shawl!" 
She laughed and said, "Yeah, I'll probably see you wearing it to church next week."

So I took it home, washed it on delicate, and then wore it!  Yes, to church, a few weeks later. 
Honestly, I'd never worn a shawl before, but why not!  I love to try new things~and I'm recycling right? 
This was a long rectangular lace doily.  All I did was drape it around my shoulders.  I wore it with a thin cotton black turtleneck and a long black ruffled skirt.  The vintage black flower pin on Jane (above) was from the thrift store for 25 cents.

I love this orange one that I found here


And this fallish cream one from here

Shawl alpaca

I'm sure if we look around, there are lots of fun things we could make into shawls!  Any ideas?
I am linking up to The Brambleberry Cottage today!


  1. that is called thinking outside of the box.....looks great as a shawl



    barbara jean

  3. Hi! Just found you blog hopping through Blog parties. Your post made me smile.

    I actually remember that pattern. It's a Table Runner from a vintage crochet lace & doily book I picked up years ago. I thought the same thing, but a little different: "I bet if I move the motifs around, I could make this into a triangular shawl". LOL

  4. Hi Robyn! Love the shawl idea. It looks so pretty. You're sooo lucky you're small enough...
    LOL...I need the whole tablecloth!

  5. Each one is absolutely beautiful! Any one of them would add such a touch of romance to an outfit.

    I use vintage doilies for all kinds of things, but I never thought to wear one. Thanks for the idea! ;)

    Thanks, also, for linking to my party. I look forward to seeing what you link up each week.

    By the way, I just joined you as a follower.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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