Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Shop Items...Round 4!

For those of you who are new to my blog, this is the fourth in my series of posts about my creations for the "Holiday Shop" at the local elementary school.  The children will be buying gifts for their family members during school, and local crafters have been invited to sell their creations.  (Honestly, I don't consider myself a "crafter", but a "creator"!)  Anyway, all items must be priced $5 and below.  I have been on a mission to create some quality gifts for that price and under, since in the past I haven't been impressed with what my kids have brought home!

So, after all the frames, wands, pins, necklaces, hair clips, mini notebooks, ornaments and more,  I realized that I still had some little silver beads to make bracelets with.  After stringing the beads, I added a hot pink velvet ribbon~tagged as a "little sister bracelet".

Of course I still had a lot of hair clips, so I covered them with fabric and attached a flower cutout from scrapbook paper.  I then glued a clear round gem to the top~to magnify the flower.  (the same gems that I used to create the blue sparkle snowflake necklaces.)

Finally, I found a bag of pale rose, crystal and topaz acrylic gems in my stash that I had purchased at a garage sale (unused) for 50 cents this summer.  I decided that I might as well make some key chains because little girls love key chains, and... the shinier, sparklier, and bigger the jewels are the better... right?!  Those that I didn't make into key chains, turned into more necklaces.

Tomorrow night I will haul all the goods to the school and set up.  I'll let you know how it goes!
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  1. I want to shop at your holiday shop! I'd love to wear that beaded bracelet & I could use one of those keychains :)


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