Tuesday, November 30, 2010

and the countdown begins

I bought three of these advent calendars this year from the Christmas Tree Shop. ($1 each).  We have a Pottery Barn advent calendar with our last name embroidered on the top that we usually use, but this year I decided to do something different for many reasons.

First, because of the expense.  I realized that it is cheaper to spend $3 on paper calendars than to buy bags of candy to fill the Pottery Barn one.  Secondly, my kids definitely don't lack in the sweet department.   One chocolate a day is enough considering all of the hot chocolate, cookies, and other sweets they eat each day.  And finally, they've never seen the cardboard advent calendars, and I thought it would be a fun change.  Besides, I think this one is cute!

So the countdown has begun, and my youngest can't wait to open up the first door!  Happy December everyone!  This month will be packed with lots of holiday cheer and decorating ideas.  I look forward to sharing them with you!  Thank you again for all of your comments~I enjoy reading them so much!  And a big thank you for visiting me each day!



  1. I bought two as well. I almost feel bad about it. Time, money, etc etc...I'm glad I'm not the only one. Although, I lack the pottery barn advent too.At least my dentist will appreciate it!

  2. We also started doing an advent calendar this year...I made ours & posted about it here:


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