Tuesday, November 2, 2010

my birthday post

(I love this chiffon dress!)

A short walk down memory lane...
I was born in a little town near a lake in western Montana.  I was the only one in the hospital nursery that day, and my mom always says that we carved our initials in the wall.

One of my most memorable gifts was a rubiks cube key chain. (5th grade.)
I loved my "buckle back" jeans.  I was jealous of all of my friends who had braces and retainers, so I used to mold tin foil to my front teeth and gum to the roof of my mouth so that I could sound cool.  I took piano lessons and hated to practice.  I lived for art class.  The only present I usually asked for each year was pencils and sketch books.  I loved lasagna and chocolate cake.

I had a blue sparkle banana seat bike.  Oh, I wish I still had it.  The seat looked just like the top of those shoes in the photo above.   I would roller skate for hours in my driveway while I listened to my boom box.  I was really good at figure eights.  I dressed as Princess Leia from Star Wars for Halloween in second grade. 

 I was obsessed with creating miniatures for my doll house.  I never "played" with the dollhouse, but I wallpapered the rooms, made "bead" ornaments for a miniature Christmas tree, and wrapped tiny presents to go under it.  I also cut up old wash cloths to make a bath mat and towels for the bathroom.  I used a real toilet paper roll to make a tiny one and then cut half inch strips of real toilet paper to wrap around the little cardboard roll. 

I wore gauchos and feather clips in my hair. 
A true...70's girl!

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  1. Happy Birthday Robyn! I also had a banana bike seat-and am another 70's girl.Hope u had a fun day! I like that picture of the music notes hanging beside your piano. Post about that!


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