Wednesday, November 3, 2010

decorating for Thanksgiving

Remember the "funkins" that I told you about here?  Well, they are now 50% off at Hobby Lobby.  If you're interested, I would check out your local JoAnn's as well.  (I bought mine at JoAnn's last year for 80% off).  Now is when I rearrange them for my Thanksgiving decorating!  I put them on my piano, dining room table etc. and add some real branches and greenery from outside.

These guys come out of the box each year to celebrate Thanksgiving with us also.  I bought them at a yard sale probably 15 years ago.  For some reason I've always really liked them.  I think its because they are so simple and natural looking.  

I have more ideas to come!~the day after tomorrow I will be sharing my new homemade Thanksgiving centerpiece.  Happy Wednesday!  

1 comment:

  1. Hey I like that!
    What an awesome piano! Now I want one!
    I need to check JoAnn's. The funkins at my Hobby Lobby were pretty beat up.


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