Saturday, November 20, 2010

a Tradition

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My friend Christi recently shared a tradition that her family enjoys each year. 

Since there are so many great things to do in December, she decided to organize them by printing off a list of ideas, cutting them out individually, and then making them into a chain.  Each night the family gets to take off a link, read it, and look forward to doing that activity the next day. 

Christi says, "Sometime in November, I usually print out a blank December calendar and then fill in the items with what works for our schedule for each day. Then I make up the chain accordingly.  It helps to get information for school and church activities on the calendar before you start plugging stuff in so you know what days will work best for which activities.  If we have a party or something like that,  then I will put something easy for that day like 'do a secret service for someone' etc.

Sometimes things come up last minute, so I keep a stash of blank chain links to switch in if I need to. The kids never know. Also, I have found it helpful to keep the chain somewhere high so the kids don't
peek to see what is next. :) They love the anticipation.  We start December first and usually open a link before bed and then do the activity the following day or evening." 

Here are some of Christi's chain links.  Feel free to use these or customize for your own family!  Simply print, cut apart, loop into a link, glue, and keep adding to make a chain.

·        Hot chocolate by the fire
·        Make snow flakes and decorate the windows
·        Cut a Christmas tree
·        Decorate the Christmas tree
·        Go caroling
·        Phone caroling to loved ones far away
·        Zoolights
·        Drive to see the lights
·        Do a secret service for someone in the family
·        Write letters to Santa
·        Play board games by the fire
·        Make Christmas goodies
·        Deliver Christmas goodies to the neighbors
·        Put up the Christmas lights in the yard
·        Read Christmas stories by the fire or candlelight
·        Go to the mall and take a name off the giving tree
·        Have each family member share a talent
·        Make/Send home made Christmas cards for loved ones
·        Do a special service for someone outside of your family
·        Share your feelings about Jesus Christ with the family before bed. What gift will you give him this year?
·        Send a care package to a missionary
·        Learn a new Christmas song
·        Play Christmas Chringo 
·        Learn about the symbols of Christmas (cane, bell, star, tree, etc.)
·        Invite a family over and present the nativity play with or for them
·        Invite an elderly person over for dinner and have them tell about Christmas when they were young
·        Donate used toys and clothing to Goodwill
·        Make/Decorate a Gingerbread house
·        Go to a Christmas concert, play or ballet
·        Have a Candlelight dinner with Christmas music
·        Make an ornament for the tree
·        Go sledding
·        Watch old family Christmas videos
·        Watch a Christmas movie together
·        Secretly deliver a box dinner
·        Learn about Christmas traditions from another culture
·        Make Christmas goody bags for the homeless
·        Go to a Christmas Party
·        Go Caroling at a nursing home or hospital

We have so many wonderful Christmas stories that never seem to get read each year, that I think I will put those on our family's chain!  Sounds like a fun, yet organized way to count down to Christmas~don't you think? :)

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  1. and once again, this would be PERFECT for my link party!
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