Friday, December 10, 2010

a $5 gift for runners (or walkers)

Ok, this is a bit embarrassing.  I try to run each morning, (that's not the embarrassing part, but if you saw me maybe it would be) but since it has gotten so cold, I'm worried about freezing my nose off!  So I decided that no matter how ridiculous I looked, I was going to go buy a ski mask to wear.  (you know-the knit kind that covers your whole face with openings for your eyes and mouth only).  In the mean time, I was envisioning myself looking like a bank robber and wondering if anyone would notice.

My first stop was Walmart, of course.  I asked an employee for direction, and they said they didn't carry ski masks.  I decided to look around some more.  I even contemplated putting a big stocking cap over my face and cutting holes for my eyes and mouth!  And then, I found these! (see photos above).  ~They actually make women's face masks!  They had about five or six style and color variations (even pink).  But I was sold on this light weight black neoprene one for $5.  It's possible that I'm the last to know about these (did you know?).  Regardless, I think it is the perfect gift for runners, and you can't beat the price!


  1. Just be sure you aren't carrying any large bags clearly marked with big, green money signs and no one should mistake you for a bank robber. ;- ) Sorry for the early-morning attempt at humor. My real reason for commenting: just wondering where you found these? My hubby had bought something similar for $20ish at Dick's, but he complains that it doesn't fit well/starts riding up as he runs.

  2. They are great.... I first got one while skiing on a VERY cold and windy weekend, and now use it for running as well when I brave the cold for a good run!

  3. Lacey, I actually found it at Walmart~even though they told me that they didn't carry them! It was on an endcap at my walmart near where the jewelry section meets the women's clothing section (I think.) They had a whole display of different kinds. I haven't tried it out yet, but I hope to soon. It has velcro in the back, so it seems easily adjustable.


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