Thursday, December 9, 2010

BHG's Vintage Snowman and a quick project

And the winner of my Winter Magic print is...Lady Chris ! Congrats!!!
Please email me your address and I will stick her in the mail.  

I will have another giveaway next week~ as well as some free printables!

Remember the vintage snowman craft that I told you about here?  Well, the above photo by BHG shows the finished project.   Today I'll be sharing what the UNFINISHED project looks like!...

As adorable as I know he will be, I just can't motivate myself to finish him!  However, If you are feeling more ambitious than I, you can get the full tutorial in the latest edition of Better Homes and Garden's Holiday Crafts.  Next year, next year for sure, he will be done!

Last month I noticed that a few creative bloggers were turning frames into dry erase boards~such a clever idea!  All you need to do is find a frame with glass in it that you like, pop out the art and the backing, and then write directly on the glass with dry erase pens.  I wanted to try it, so I found this framed cheetah print in my basement that I picked up at a yard sale this summer for 50 cents.  I remember that I bought it because of its square frame.

First,  I took out the print, matte, and glass.  I decided that I wanted it to be red instead of black, so I found a can of Krylon red spray paint and sprayed away.  Because the frame was black, it took several coats of paint before it began to look a bright red color.

The color I used is called Cherry Red Gloss

After the paint was dry, I put the glass back in and gave it a thorough cleaning.

Then I used my staple gun to staple staples (now there's a tongue twister!) about halfway in all around the back side of the frame (deep enough to keep the glass in, but not allow the staples to show on the front.)  I spaced the staples about 3 inches apart, but it would probably be a good idea to use more staples and put them closer together.

That's all there is to it.  Then I hung it on the wall to use as a message board next to the phone.

The little framed print you see of Santa above the phone  is actually scrapbook paper that I popped in another frame that I had.  Actually the frame was left over from this project.  So if you have any extra scrapbook paper, (I use it for everything but scrapbooking), consider framing it!   


  1. SO great! I'm definitely making one of those :)

  2. Oh yeah - I just got the clips in the mail, thanks again. They're adorable!

  3. I'm so bummed. I had just become a blog follower before Christmas last year and wasn't really sure what I was doing...and looking over some old posts, I saw that I had won something and never claimed it. I hope it went to someone that appreciated it. I had entered many giveaways when I first started following blogs and was bummed (and stopped entering) when I never won...So sorry that I missed this post. I'll be more aware now :)

    ~ Lady Chris


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