Monday, January 31, 2011

Our master bedroom~decorated on a budget


Let me tell you about my bedroom makeover.  This room was completed before I began blogging, so I don’t really have any “before” photos.  However, I will tell you that the walls were covered in a sort of gray marbled wallpaper that took me about a year to take down.  My kids and husband helped some, but most of it was done by me.  (I had to take it down in the master bath too).  The trim was painted gray also.  After removing the wallpaper, I painted the walls cream and the trim white.  (my favorite white…”simply white” by Benjamin Moore…that I have Walmart color match for me)
There was a huge modern ceiling fan that I took down and replaced with this chandelier that I picked up at a yard sale.  It started brass, and ended cream after a coat of spray paint.  (I also unscrewed the big brass ball at the bass of the chandelier).  Then I strung crystals that I found at an antique store.
This mahogany dresser came from an antique store in Indiana.  “Paris” was given to me by my mom from TJ Maxx.  The mirror was from Hobby Lobby.  I bought it several years ago.  It was actually a gold frame that I bought 50 percent off and then had a mirror put in.  Last fall, I spray painted it black.  I love the reflection of the chandelier in it!
The wardrobe was also purchased for a great price several years ago at an antique mall.  It is from the 1700’s and had some beautiful painted grain on it from that time period.  My husband built shelves inside, so I have plenty of storage for my clothes.  (I’m so glad I bought this piece because this home is older and does not have a very big master closet).  After leaving it alone for several years and debating whether or not I should paint it white, I finally decided to go for it.  I don’t regret it for a moment.  It is just the look that I have always wanted.  The drawer was a different wood than the rest of the wardrobe.  I really liked it, so I left it.  Those are even the original bin pulls!
Do you like the ironing board set up over in the corner?!  We have to have our rooms somewhat functional~right?  I covered it in a new floral cover from Marshalls.  I am fixing up my “studio/workshop/craftroom” in the basement, so I may be moving it down there soon.
The master closet door always bumped into the bedroom door.  I got so tired of it that I had my husband take the door off the closet.  I hung a tension rod, and clipped a shower curtain that I found at a yard sale.
I made the chalkboard and popped it into an old yard sale frame that I painted green.  The bedding came from TJ Maxx.  The headboard was finished wood from the 1970’s.  I bought it for $20 on Craigslist.  I filled in the engraved design on front with wood filler, sanded the whole thing, and cut off the “too tall” finials that were previously there.  I screwed in two new round wood finials, and painted the whole thing white.  Eventually it will go in the guest room.

I “slipcovered” my old cedar chest with fabric remnants, a staple gun, and a glue gun. It was very easy.  (more on that later).
There are two sconces on either side of the door to the master bath.  They were made by Avon long ago, and are plastic with a gold finish underneath.  I picked them up at the thrift store and sprayed the black.

The lamp base was from the thrift store also.  It was brass, and I sprayed it black.  I covered the lampshade with fabric from JoAnn’s, and sewed a little pleat for the bottom (I hot glued it on.)  The white suitcase was from the thrift store (an old beauty school case!)  So cute, it is light blue inside with white polka dots!)  The stand is from the thrift store as well.  It is an old sewing machine table.  I painted it blue and roughed it up a bit.  I haven’t replaced the handle yet, but sometime I probably will.
I’ll show you my other fun “bedside table” in a future post!~along with a few more photos.  Thanks for stopping by each day~I love sharing my “thrifty” ideas.  I have been so inspired by so many of you as well!


  1. You did an amazing job. Your bedroom looks so beautiful and inviting.

  2. I seriously love this and I am going to bookmark it because there are a few things I want to do in my room. I like the simple curtains and I think this would work well for my bedroom. I just have the blinds right now. It definitely needs some fabric.

  3. Really pretty.....just this weekend I decided my new colors are blue and green for spring!!!
    I LOVE that wardrobe you found!!

  4. You sure inspired me:) My bedroom needs done too so I'll be looking at your pictures at those great ideas you shared! Such great ideas and love it that it was done so inexpensively!

  5. I love the colors in your bedroom. Very soothing and calming. That old wardrobe is awesome. Mimi

  6. I cannot wait until you tell us how you redid your cedar chest! Mine was made by my dad about 30 years ago and is in dire need of a redo. I love the woodwork, but the poor thing has been through several moves, 2 dogs, and 2 kids and is ready for some TLC.

  7. It is a beautiful room! I love the accent colors. Can you tell us what technique you used to remove the old wallpaper? and then did you have to do anything special to the walls before painting? I have some old wallpaper to remove, too, but am a little scared of tackling this project! Thanks!

  8. Hi Elizabeth,
    I tried vinegar water (I think I found the recipe online), as well as a commercial wall paper remover and supplies. However, the thing that ended up working best for me was just hot water in a spray bottle and a paint scraper. I peeled off the top layer of the wallpaper by hand wherever I could, and then I sprayed (soaked)the backing that was left on the wall with the hot water. I let it sit for a few minutes, and then scraped it off with the scraper, wiping the gunk off with paper towels or sections of an old towel. I would try pulling a section up in an inconspicuous place to see how easily yours comes up.~it all depends on how it was put on. I didn't do anything to my walls afterward~they looked decent enough, though I know that if the backerboard (I think it is called) comes off you have to do some patching etc. I would call a paint/wallpaper store first and ask them about recommendations for preparing the wall before painting. good luck! You'll be happy when it is all done! Don't be discouraged if it takes a while. Just work away a little at a time. I also put old towels down on the floor to keep the carpet from getting wet when I sprayed the walls.

  9. Brenda,
    I posted about the cedar chest a couple of days ago for you!~I hope you saw it!

  10. Robyn, your master bedroom is beautiful! I really like the soft wall color and pops of green. I would love to add it to the paint and room galleries on my site and include you in a feature post. Let me know if you're interested!


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