Friday, January 28, 2011

Valentine’s Decorating at my house


You haven't seen my "sunroom" have you?  It is actually the old dining room, that I converted into a sitting room.  It is my favorite room in the house.  I call it my sunroom because it gets that beautiful southern exposure and is just a really cozy room.  We hardly ever used it to "dine".  Converting it into another sitting area was one of the best decorating decisions that have ever I made!  The vintage red tissue paper heart hangs from a vintage chandelier that I  picked up at an antique store long ago.  The dental moulding at the top of the room used to be dark red when we bought the home.  Let me just say, painting it was a bear!  I had to use a little brush to paint each and every little dental! ... And it took at least 4 coats of paint.

I bought the red polka dot pillow at Walmart last year, and the art over the chair came from the thrift store.  The coffee table that you can hardly see also came from a thrift store~ I painted it white.  (I'll show more photos later).  Oh yeah, the white patch on the ceiling?  That was the patching from when a pipe burst in the bathroom up above.  It's been over a year and I still haven't repainted it.  I figure most people don't look at the ceiling.  Of course, now I am sharing it with all of you, so my theory just backfired.


This cute little tree came from Pottery Barn outlet last year after Christmas.  I got a great deal on it along with its "sister tree" which is bigger and sits on an end table in my piano room.  I leave my "pine" decorations up even after Christmas because they are still wintry.  The red, puffy, glitter heart came from a shop window (only used as decoration) in my cute little downtown.  I begged, and pleaded until they sold it to me!  It called my name every time I drove past it.  The lamp, tray, and cart were all thrift store finds.  Oh yeah, so were the silver candlesticks.  Oh, and even the milk glass urn that holds the silverware.  And even the silverware in the urn!  I forget, most of my house is furnished and decorated from yard sales and thrift stores.


I like to collect vintage aprons, though the cute little girls Valentine apron on top is not vintage.  I can't remember where I bought it, but my daughter looks so cute whenever she wears it to bake.  They are hung from a shiny coat hook from Hobby Lobby.


I must say, even magazine covers are art to me!  I collect my favorites, and then frame them!  They make me happy, and inspire me whenever I pull them out to decorate with as the seasons change.  Some are just too pretty to throw away.  And when I do get tired of them, they are easy to replace with new favorites!


I found this heart platter at the dollar spot at Target!  (it was actually $2.50)  I just put it on an easel on top of my mantel.  It's big and fun, and most importantly... RED!  It's even prettier in person.  I found the books at yard sales, and the mercury glass candle holder came from Good will.  The back was chipped, so I got it for 50 cents.


I have more pictures, but I've got to run to the grocery store, so I'll save them for another day!  Have a wonderful weekend,




  1. Cute bursts of love everywhere!!:)Claire

  2. Great idea! I say use your rooms for what you need not what they're intended for! I love light filled rooms. Mimi

  3. The red really pops against the clean colors of your home. So cozy and bright.


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