Monday, January 17, 2011

Remember place mat purses?

Many of you probably made them when they were popular a few years ago.  If not, I’m sure that you can find the simple pattern online.  They are so easy!  My daughter needed a bag to hold her scriptures in, so for Christmas I made her this bag out of a place mat.  To modernize it a bit, I added a pink fabric flower, and white ruffle trim.

IMG_0559scripture bag

The pink fabric came from a shirt that I no longer wear.  I cut out a long, two inch strip of the fabric off the bottom of the shirt, rolled it loosely (horizontally) and coiled it into a “flower”.  Then I tacked it to the purse with thread.  The white ruffle trim came from Wal Mart (I use this white ruffle trim for everything!~Lampshades, skirts, pillows, towels etc.…You can find it in the fabric section by the ribbon)  If you don’t sew you can hot glue it, or use the iron on tape for your projects!

It is the perfect size to hold her scriptures.

I have to tell you about my new friend and her beautiful blog!  I met Michelle before Christmas through a mutual friend who reads both of our blogs.  The greatest part is, she lives near me, and we have so much in common!  Her home is gorgeous, and was featured on the Christmas home tour.  She even has video of it on her blog!  She is so sweet and talented.  She just opened up an etsy shop too!  You can see her amazing home and style by clicking on the links below.

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