Tuesday, January 18, 2011

PB knock off football field chalkboard tutorial

Finally, here’s a little something to make for the boys!  Last year I saw a Pottery Barn football chalkboard for around $100.  I realized that it would be so easy to make one for my boys’ bedroom for a fraction of the price.  I already had the frame from a yard sale (which I painted green with some craft paint), and the chalkboard paint.  After picking up the hardboard from Home Depot, and a white paint pen from Hobby Lobby, my total for the project came to less than $10!  You can download and print your favorite team logo for the end zones on Avery 8”x11” shipping label paper! (Make sure you get the full size “stickum” pages instead of the tiny labels).  Or, you can print them on regular paper and glue them on, protecting with a little mod podge.  The one you see below is a gift that I made for my nephews for Christmas.


This NFL one is the first one that I made for my boys~before I discovered white paint pens!!!!.  I painted it by hand with a tiny brush~crazy I know. (sorry for the bad photos)


The actual measurements that you will use, depends on the size frame that you have.
I started with a piece of hardboard and painted it with chalkboard paint like I did here.  (To fit the frame, I had it cut to 20 1/2" x 27 1/4" at Home Depot.)  After the paint dries,  lay the board horizontally, and measure the point in the center (mine was 13 3/4").  With your pencil,you will want to break it into a total of 12 sections starting at your middle point.  I measured each section to be 2 1/4" wide.   I added 1/8" more to each end zone.


Draw your lines, and then paint over them with a white paint pen and a straight edge.  After the paint dries, you can erase your pencil marks.


Paint your frame if you haven’t already done so.
Print off your team labels “stickers” and place near each end zone. 
Pop it into the frame (I nailed it in place), and you’re done!  Make sure that you pick up some chalk and an eraser so that the boys can draw their own “plays” or whatever they want!  (check the dollar store)


Just in time for the Super Bowl!!!


  1. Great idea, going to make one for my grandson's bedroom!!! Love it!

  2. Robyn, you are so talented! I can't believe it. These chalkboards are awesome!

  3. Yeah for the boys! I love it. I can't believe how straight your lines are with all that hand painting. I'd never be able to do that since my hands shake with a paintbrush in them.

  4. Love it! I will be making this one soon! I would love to feature it next week. I hope you'll come link it up at the craft catwalk!

  5. That looks great, what a great project! And I'm loving the price you did it for, awesome!

  6. Oh, I bet they love it!
    How fun!

  7. oh wow! I would love to do this for my youngest son's room. Fabulous job!!!

  8. Robyn--so neat! Of course my handwriting is not as perfect as yours! I made a chalk board like this out of an old painting just by spraying the artwork with chalkboard paint. Bet the board makes it more durable for boys!

  9. Featuring this today! This is at the top of my to do list. Thanks for the great tutorial and for linking it to the Craft Catwalk! :)


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