Monday, January 10, 2011

a sneak peek at the bedroom makeover...

As I mentioned previously, I offered to paint my niece's bedroom over the holiday.  You see, she has been wanting her room redone for a long, long, time~ and my sister in law has been very, very busy.  Since she is 16, I felt like she needed it done already so that she has time to enjoy it before she heads off to college!   She had in mind a sort of New York theme with a bit of a vintage flair, so that's what we went with.

Keep in mind~it's still in progress, but we're thrilled with how it's turning out!
As soon as it is finished, I told them to take photos and send them my way so that you can see the end result.
We painted the wall that the bed rests against black (I had to do some convincing) for an accent, and the other three walls cream.  Black can really look sophisticated, rich, classy, and calming.  Remember this post on painting ceilings black? 

Here is her bedroom before...

It was once really cute, but gradually a teenager's taste had taken over. The cute wall art disappeared, and high school paraphernalia began to be tacked to the walls, 

and dried flower corsages from formal dances began to be hung with the little girl's dresses.
(Along with a hanger of cheerleading hair ribbons)

Going along with a more neutral color scheme, they ordered this print in an 11 x 14 to put in a black frame from Target on one of the walls.  It is one of the  famous photos that were taken in New York City after word got out that the war had ended.  There was lots of kissing of strangers, and this lady was caught off guard!

They bought this "simply shabby chic" comforter from Target.

Product Image Simply Shabby Chic® Heirloom Comforter Set - White
I must say, I impressed myself with my steady hand. (I guess that comes from the practice of painting more than 10 areas in my home all by myself!)  I didn't use any tape or special gadgets, and it didn't take me long at all!  I think I might seriously start a little painting business on the side!

I hand painted the words under the clocks.  The goal is to set them all to the local times of those places.  The clocks were recycled from other rooms of the house, and the square one was just purchased on sale at Hobby Lobby.  The top of the night stand is in the process of being decoupaged with a pretty green scrapbook paper.

We hung a chandelier and added some crystals.

So, there's a little sneak peek.  While I was there I snapped a photo of the painting that I did for the boys' room long ago.  It is from the classic wordless children's book.  I stretched a long canvas and then turned the black and white images into color.

I like how my sister in law framed the boys' art!  Children are always such wonderful artists.

Have a very Happy Monday!  ~more to come.


  1. Love the black wall! What a great teen room.

  2. You're steady hand is welcome around my place any time. Even with gadget, I still don't seem to paint straight. I'm sureit has nothin to do with holding curious kids at bay with a foot or leg while painting :). Love your color choices as're awesme

  3. black wall..Can't wait to see the finshed room..

  4. I cant wait to all of see it. I am planning on doing a black background for my daughters bed. Not the whole wall but most of it. I love seeing that its gonna be great since this is fantastic.

  5. What a fab bedroom and i love the idea of the clocks.

  6. Where did you find the chandelier? It is just the right size for a bedroom!

  7. Hi Alicia, unfortunately my sister in law has had the chandelier for years. It had been in her basement,and was originally meant to go in another room. She can't remember where she bought it. I agree, it works perfectly.


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