Monday, February 21, 2011

Decorating my daughter’s bedroom...


Before you walk in, there is this wall.  On top is a shadow box from Hobby Lobby with McDonald's Madame Alexander dolls!  When they first came out, I picked out a few of my favorites and stuck them in the box.  It looks like they have been played with a little bit, so I need to fix the doll leaning over in the middle.


She wanted pink walls, so I painted the very palest pink I could find~sort of a ballet pink.  You will probably recognize the yard sale chalkboard.  I picked up the antique iron bed frame at a thrift store for $100.  The duvet cover and bed skirt were brand new with the tags still on~I picked them up from a thrift store as well.
The light pink voile curtains were from Target's simply shabby chic line a while ago.


So many times, I have almost replaced the ceiling fan with a chandelier.  It's so nice to have the fan in the summer though, so for now it stays.  Sometimes it is hard to draw the line between beauty and practicality!


I picked up about 7 yards of a light voile like fabric (with swiss polka dots!) from Walmart to drape as a canopy over the bed.  I just screwed four plant hooks into the ceiling and tied a shoelace between them to hang the fabric over!  It was so inexpensive.  I hope that makes sense~ I only used two white shoelaces.  Each shoelace was tied from the front hook to the back hook.  To keep the fabric from slipping off the hooks, I rubber banded them.  You can also use the little clear rubber bands that you might use for your daughter's hair!


The vanity was from Craigslist~$70.  I thought I would paint it, but I have decided to leave it.  The chair will probably be painted at some point.  (I picked it up at a yard sale.)


She likes cats, I don't~but I decided that she needed to have some things that she likes in her bedroom, so I bought this kitten poster online.  She wanted a sort of window seat, but that wouldn't work architecturally so I came up with another idea for now.  The dresser on the left used to be my brothers'.  The dresser on the right was from good will long ago ($10).  This summer I found the red chest at a yard sale.  They were all the same red, so I stuck them together to create a little reading spot.  Things are always changing in here~so it probably won't always stay this way.


This lamp was from a thrift store.  I made the posies lampshade from her crib sheet!  (It was a from Martha Stewart line at K mart when she was a baby.  It was white, and I tea stained it to make it look more shabby.


Peg board and vintage purse from yard sale.  You don't have to spend a lot of money on decorating!



  1. What a truly gorgeous space.

    I love the shade of pink on the walls and the bed is magical.

    Felicity x

  2. I love this room! It is so girlie, but the pops of red make it more grown up as well. Very nice. I would have died to have this room when I was eight.

  3. So cute! A perfect room for a little princess. Mimi

  4. You guys are all so sweet! I wasn't sure what people would think of it! Thanks for the comments!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. This extra long twin bedding isn't really new to me, It is nice to see new innovative things which makes eyes pleasant. I am totally assuaged by these acumen works. Liked to see more from them so that i can have many things in my home for decorative aspect.

  7. What color of pink are the walls? Do you know the name? I love this!

  8. What color of pink are the walls? Do you know the name? I love this!

  9. Hi Jill,
    It is called pink thread. I can't tell on the can if it was a walmart color or a color match that I had walmart do. Often I find a color that I like from somewhere else and then have walmart color match it. I have had great success with this method for the price and quality! :)


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