Friday, February 18, 2011

pure idea


If you ever happen to be at a church rummage sale and see a pair of old brass candelabras, snatch them up!  That's where I found this beauty~and I have another one just like it.  I bought them for about $5 each!   I painted one a robin's egg blue with my craft paint.  (yes, spray paint would have been much faster!).  The other one I painted cream.  I have used them for all sorts of things.  Lately, my daughter's dress ups hang from them.

I bought pale pink and yellow candles, burnt them down a bit to look used, and popped them in the candelabra.

Do you want to know about the dress ups?  Of course you do!  These two dresses were another great find! (as you can tell by the lace on the front of the blue one, it has been well worn for dress up by my daughter and her friends.)  Anyway, I found them at a yard sale for $3 each!  They were the owners old prom dresses.  I washed them on delicate in the washing machine, pulled out the inside ribbons that were used to hang the dresses on a hangers, and cut them (and re-sewed) so they would fit as spaghetti straps.  Otherwise, the girls wouldn't be able to keep them up!  Also, I took in the side seams a little (though that wasn't completely necessary).  And finally, I cut off the bottom to make them shorter so that the girls wouldn't trip.  (I didn't hem them or anything...just cut the bottom right off!)


I can tell you that they have made for some fun play dates and adorable photos!  (I'll have to dig up some of the photos for you.)  In my next post, I will show you the rest of my daughter's bedroom.  Happy Friday!



  1. Love just gave me an idea for one that is in my bedroom, thanks!
    I remember playing with my friends in my sister's prom gown...that was in the 50's:)


  2. These photos are amazing. I love the idea of buying dresses for the girls to play in. I have fond memories of playing dress-up myself. Love the candelabra too, I have a small collections going, one I brought all the way back from India. There are not any good church sales here.

  3. Wonderful dresses!!
    What memories! We always had great dress up dresses too!
    And hats!
    And jewelry!
    My Mom was such a good mom!


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