Thursday, February 10, 2011

EVERYONE seems to love my $3 handbag!

Every time I use it, I ALWAYS get compliments.  I have to tell you all about it!



But first, do people really spend hundreds of dollars on bags???  This is what I see in magazines...



Seriously????  I don't get it.  I would never spend more than $20 on a purse!  I was at a yard sale last summer and snagged some great vintage purses.  One of which was this vintage hand tooled Mexican leather handbag for $3.00!  It was well taken care of.  The front has these beautiful roses, and the back has the Mayan calendar.



I just saw a similar one on etsy for $30.00!  I think I scored.

While I was hunting for vintage Mexican purses online, I found this cool blog.  She has some really cool vintage (1940') Mexican clothes and accessories~and I love the fact that she wears them.  I love the 1940's styles.  I think we should wind back the clocks and reinstate the fashion of that era!  Isn't this red swimsuit adorable?!

Speaking of Mexico, my sister lives right near the border in Tuscon.  While I was visiting her there for the first time this summer, we went thrifting.  We stopped at a cool consignment store and I saw my exact $3 purse there for $70!  Mine was even in better condition!


Here we are in Tuscon...My mom, me, my sister Brooke, and my niece Sophie.


You know I love polka dots, so it was fun for me to see polka dotted cactus!


Wait, how did my adorable niece Olivia sneak in here??!!!


It was such a fun trip!  Now I am totally in to vintage Mexican ware~especially cool handbags!



  1. in my younger days i bought lots of things i wouldn't buy today full price...while back i went through my pocketbooks.....wasn't 1 i spent less then 80$ for and i listed them on craigslist for 5$ a piece never got a call or there packed away!!

  2. I hear you on the handbags, I won't spend hundreds on them either, one reason is I like to change them to much and they do go out of style so fast. Sold alot last year at yardsale for $1.00 a piece...all sold!
    Love the Mexican one you scored, very unique and it won't go out of style!

  3. I love that purse!
    I have some of my Grandmothers old purses and every time I carry one somebody asks me where I got it.
    I'm with you, I love the clothes of the 40's!
    Great pictures too!!!

  4. Gorgeous purse! I'm with you let's go back to the 40's fashions. Such a cool era. I just bought a darling red purse at a consignment store for $15. Originally $85. I have better things to spend money on than overpriced bags! Mimi


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