Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine’s decorating continued…


I was thrilled to find this rose heart wreath last summer.  One of my favorite shops was going out of business and marking everything 75% to 80% off.  While I was sad to see them go, I enjoyed picking up some great things at great prices.  I found this silk/felt rose wreath for less than $5!  It appeared that it hadn’t sold because it was missing a rose on the front of it.  I knew that I could pick a rose from the side near the back in an inconspicuous spot and hot glue it in the spot where the rose was missing.  It worked like a charm!
It is hangs perfectly in my entry way for a pretty Valentine’s greeting.  Just thinking~if you had a bunch of silk roses and a Styrofoam heart form, it would be pretty easy to make your own!


Remember my '”faux” chalkboard?  Remember how I painted over the old print in the frame with chocolate brown craft paint?  I chalked a heart and message on it for Valentine’s Day.  Even though it is not as durable as my real chalkboards, it works great for seasonal and holiday messages.


Once again it is Monday, and I am trying to figure out how I can accomplish all the many things that I need to do today!…..taking a deep breath….trying to keep calm….and hoping to carry on!  Thanks for your wonderful comments!  I enjoy them so much!  :)



  1. Robyn,
    I love that wreath!
    Question, can you paint chalk board paint on anything and it will work?
    What about glass?

  2. Good question! I think you can paint most smooth flat surfaces like metal and wood and paper. However, I haven't painted glass with chalkboard paint. I do know that whenever I am lazy and I paint a frame with the glass still in it (craft paint) and accidentally get paint on the glass, it wipes right off with a paper towel. I doesn't seem like it would work, but I googled it! The site below says you can! I think it depends on how "usable" you want it to be.
    By the way, I love your rosemary pot makeover!

  3. Love the rose heart. I always find the best holiday decorations after the holiday! Mimi

  4. Love the wreath! The red is so wonderful.


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