Saturday, March 12, 2011

dumpster diving

Well, I didn’t really dive, and it wasn’t an actual dumpster, but I drove past somebody’s trash that they had put out at the curb and found this gorgeous huge frame!  and into my car it went.  I am a sucker for old, ornate, gilded frames.  I can never seem to have enough of them.  I use them to make chalkboards, bulletin boards, or to frame pieces of art.  The older, more distressed it is, the better.  I like them even better when they are free!



I also found this dress the other day at the thrift store for my daughter.  I was shocked that it was from Old Navy.  I love the cream and turquoise...such a simple spring/summer dress.  Speaking of dresses, I am still working away to stock my etsy shop with inexpensive, one of a kind little girl's spring/Easter dresses that are sure to be the talk of the town!  More on that next week.




Have a super weekend!


  1. That frame is huge, it's a great find! Love the dress too, it's perfect for spring/summer.

  2. oh what a killer good find!!!
    the dress is so sweet!

  3. OH OH OH what a great find!!!
    I love that frame!!

    I've gotten of few of my good stuff from some else's trash!!!


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