Tuesday, April 5, 2011

an easy, thrifty, clothing redo


It all started with this cute little dress that my sister in law gave my daughter.  (She is an avid thrifter as well, and found it at her local goodwill in Michigan).  It was a little too big when we got it, and by the time she was able to wear it, we realized that it was too short for our liking.


I knew that I could lengthen it by adding a ruffle, but I couldn't figure out what type of fabric to use.  I decided that I wanted to pull out the pink in the dress, so I began to hunt through my fabric stash for anything pink.  Nothing.  Then I remembered that I had this cute, soft, vintage robe that I no longer wore, and decided that it would make a fun ruffle.


Wanting to do this project in a hurry, I decided that since the robe was wider than the dress, I could just cut off the bottom of the robe to make the ruffle.  I also realized that I would not even have to hem it since it was already finished on the bottom.


I gathered the cut edge on my sewing machine to make a ruffle, pinned it to the bottom of the dress, and sewed it on.


Voila!  An easy fix for a cute little dress.  Underneath it she wears a white short sleeve button up dress shirt with a bit of a puff sleeve and a peter pan collar.  (and of course her brown mary jane shoes...thankfully she still wears them.  She has been wearing mary janes since she was born~I love them because they are so classic!)  I also love being able to reuse clothing, make something cute and original, and save money in the process!


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