Monday, April 4, 2011

Lately, I'm addicted to these...


Hmmm, not even sure what I should call this recipe.  What do you think?  I just take a flour tortilla, spoon in some black beans and a little cheese, microwave it, and then add my favorite fresh salsa (Garden Fresh brand) and load it with shredded cabbage!  I think the cabbage tastes like lettuce and it seems so much healthier!

Have you tried any good recipes lately?


  1. I think I'll have this for lunch today. I made Pioneer Woman's red velvet cake for my son's birthday. MMM. My favorite cake by far. What makes it great is the cream cheese frosting, and sometimes we make it a BlUE velvet cake, just for fun. Thanks for all your lovely posts my lovely friend.

  2. I like buying the Rotisserie chicken when I am at the grocery store and then I make something similar. I load a tortilla up with the diced chicken, a big handful of salad and some yummy salad dressing (I like vidalia onion dressing) and some fresh salsa. Easy lunch.

  3. Becca, my mom used to make red velvet cake for my dad's birthdays each year while I was growing up! It's been awhile since I've had it~I think I need to bake one also!
    Tricia, that sounds so yummy. I love rotisserie chickens~there are so many great things that you can make with them. I love that I can make fast, easy, inexpensive meals with them. I'll have to try them with the chicken and vidalia onion dressing.

  4. Try adding a squeeze of lime and a couple (very thin) slices of radish to it. We have a very large Hispanic population here and there are yummy taco stands that sell very traditional food. I have stolen this idea from them and it is fabulous. They use cabbage too by the way! :) You are onto something!


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