Wednesday, April 13, 2011

my $20 antique buffet turned side table

I stumbled across this antique buffet at a strange sort of consignment store that has since gone out of business.  I was there when the employee brought it out onto the floor.  It hadn't been priced yet, so I asked him "how much?"  He replied that it had been his grandmother's, and said, "What would you pay for it?"
That is such a loaded question!  Get this.  I said, "$20"  He said, "OK"!!!

Can you believe I only paid $20 for it?  Our master bedroom has a really wide wall that we put the bed up against.  There was plenty of room on either side of the bed, so I knew that this buffet would be a perfect fit, and a fun side table.  Like so many other previous furniture deals,  I never think ahead about how I will get them home.  I just figure that where there is a will, there is a way.  And sure enough, I single handedly got that beautiful buffet into my mini van!

When I brought it home, I had my teenager help me haul it up to my bedroom, I put some plastic under it, and then I sat on the floor and painted it white!  It was this gold color to begin with...


I love the hardware.  I suppose the hardware alone is worth $20!

The old white suitcase was from a farm auction, and the black and white bag from the thrift store.  I mentioned before that the sconce was from the thrift store also.  There is another one that matches it.  I spray painted them both black.  The mirror above was from Hobby Lobby years ago.  It had been gold for about 10 years, before I painted it black.  I purchased it as an open back frame, and then had them put the mirror in it.  At the time, that was the less expensive option.  The flower pots and telephone were from yard sales and thrift stores.  I covered the lampshade in blue and white fabric, and painted one of the flower pots blue.  The "vignette" is centered on a vintage pillowcase!



  1. SO pretty and what a GREAT price. It looks really beautiful :)

  2. So worth the $20! I'm sure I've asked you before, but do you prime before you paint or do you just paint as many coats as it takes to cover? Are you a semi gloss/ gloss/ or eggshell gal when it comes to furniture? I can ask questions right?:) You're awesome!

  3. Hi becca,
    Of course you can ask questions! Just remember that I'm not an expert! :) Honestly, I usually just use whatever I have in my stash of paints. Usually that is semi gloss or satin. I don't usually prime unless I need to. I just typically do about 3 coats of paint or as many coats as it takes to cover. I usually only prime if the surface is pretty porous. Maybe if I primed first I would use be able to paint less coats? I think it just depends on the piece you are painting, and I don't always have primer. Hope that helps!

  4. Gorgeous! You got a great deal! It never hurts to ask and see if they'll take it. Mimi


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