Saturday, April 9, 2011

A spring gift on a yard sale budget


It began as a 25 cent gaudy, gold, musical "gazebo" with a Christmas tree in the middle of it from a local yard sale.  (sorry, no before photos~but they wouldn't have been pretty anyway!)  I lifted the top, pulled out the fake tree and unscrewed the music box.  I covered the glass with newspaper and spray painted it white.  Then I roughed it up a bit with sandpaper, tore off the newspaper and cleaned the glass.

Then I remembered that my friend Melissa posted genius idea for a coconut liner bird's nest here.  So off to the dollar tree I went to make my own.  I made the nest thicker and added a few pieces of twig like greenery that I already had.  I put in a few faux bird's eggs (I know you can buy them, but I found some fake olives from a kitchen store and painted them blue and then splattered brown spots on them).  I replaced the top, and added a green ribbon.  I love how it turned out, and I ended up giving it as a gift.  The box next to it came from the dollar store also.  I put a decorative bird in it, similar to Melissa's, and tied it with ribbon and a tag that I made in Microsoft Word.  It was such a fun, inexpensive project. (around $3.50 for the entire project!) Whenever you hit yard sales, try to think past what you see, and look for the potential of an item~especially if you were to spray it with a coat of paint!



  1. Robyn, I love it! Beautiful photo of it also

  2. Brilliant! I love how you made something so great from a music box.


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