Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lesson Learned.

I bought this beautiful, old, Singer sewing machine and stand at a yard sale.  The storage bench was full of treasures. (sewing manuals, old spools of thread, sewing supplies)  I assumed that in all of those treasures, there would be a gathering foot that I could use when I sew the little dresses.  I also assumed that when I asked the owner if it worked, that it did.  Besides, it had been her mother's, and appeared to be in excellent condition.  After getting it home, and examining it with a friend a few days later, we discovered that it was missing the power cord, it did not have the ruffler attachment, and one of the other attached cords was badly frayed.  (It would need to be rewired, and have a good cleaning and tune up).  I immediately saw $$$$$$$$$$$$ signs.  I would also have to try to find  a new/old power cord, as well as the ruffler attachment.  ugh.

Fortunately, I didn't pay much for it, and a friend actually offered to buy it from me, so I was okay.  (She and her husband collect and refurbish machines).  It would have been worth it to keep the table and use it as an end table like I did here in my bedroom.  However, I have no need for any more furniture in this house!

A word to the wise, check out potential yard sale purchases thoroughly before buying, and ask to see the item plugged in so that you can try it out to make sure it works.  Don't just take their word for it!
Lesson Learned.

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  1. awww what a disappointment such a lovely machine. lucky that your friend is willing to buy it off you.


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