Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Can you see the subliminal message?


I found this photo from a couple of years ago while I was browsing through my photos.  Can you see the word DOG in the grass?  My son mowed it to show me how much he wanted a dog!  He had just completed a power point presentation on which dogs were the best pets...hoping to convince me!  Guess what?  We still don't have one.  I came a little closer to considering after his sweet gestures, but I didn't cave.

I did tell them that if they found an inexpensive one that didn't shed, wouldn't get sick or need vet visits, could take care of itself while we were away, stayed a cute little golden retriever puppy that didn't chew on things, didn't need to be fed or trained, or didn't poop or pee, then I would jump at the chance.  So for now... they will just have to continue to pretend that their brother is their pet dog, and I will have to continue to remain the mean mom who won't let her kids have a dog.  Some things will never change. ;(


  1. Ha ha! Classic! We will NEVER have a dog. Too much work. I never had one growing up and I turned out just fine :)

  2. thanks for the reassurance Ali!

  3. Robyn--I am the meanest mom in the world, not you! I like to be the best in all that I do. I tell my kids that they are welcome to have a dog-in their own homes someday! :)


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