Monday, August 15, 2011

"Sweet Treat Activity" with the girls


Remember this recent post about how to make little treats?  As I mentioned before, I did this activity with the girls at church.  It was a combined group of little girls (ages 8-11) and the teenage girls (12-18).  They had a great time together, and the older girls were able to help the younger girls make the treats.

We started the evening by watching this DVD about how every girl is really a princess.  Then I assigned each teenager one or two girls to work with to make the treats.  We had four stations: mini smores, mini ice cream cones, mini oreo cakes, and tiny cookies.

For the ice cream cones, we used blueberry pomegranate sorbet with the salty bugles, and they were sooo delicious!


The mini peanut butter kiss cookies were quite adorable!



A couple of is easier for the girls to spread the frosting on the sides of the oreos before the top.  Also, don't let the frosting get too warm.  That is why mine looks like it does at the start of this post on the miniature table.

We decided to make little rosettes for the tops of the cakes ahead of time.  I bought a bag of salt water taffy from the dollar tree.  I had my daughter and her friend flatten a few earlier in the day.  Then I cut them into 1/4" strips, about 1 1/2 " long, and they rolled them up into rosettes.  (you will need a lot of flour if you do this)


They cut little "leaves" also.





If you missed the post on how to make these sweet treats, here it is.  I had a lot of fun.  I think the girls did too!

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